Qualia Research Institute presentations at The Science of Consciousness 2018 (Tucson, AZ)

As promised, here are the presentations Michael Johnson and I gave in Tucson last week to represent the Qualia Research Institute.

Here is Michael’s presentation:

And here is my presentation:

On a related note:

  1. Ziff Davis PCMag published an interview with me in anticipation of the conference.
  2. An ally of QRI, Tomas Frymann, gave a wonderful presentation about Open Individualism titled “Consciousness as Interbeing: Identity on the Other Side of Self-Transcendence
  3. As a bonus, here is the philosophy of mind stand-up comedy sketch I performed at their Poetry Slam, which took place on Friday night (you should likewise check out their classic Zombie Blues).


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  3. Zeno The Stoic · April 19, 2018

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  4. Zeno The Stoic · April 19, 2018

    Superb lectures. I find the discussion of harmony of particular help in clarifying my thoughts on this matter. I also find your approach so much more pleasing emotionally and philosophically than the purely reductionist approach of so many scientists. I am also most interested in the analysis of psychedelics and their effect on the brain especially in view of recent medical research into psilocybin and its possible effect on depressive illness.

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