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  1. Monoatomica · April 30, 2022

    Please contact me sometime. I have much to share with the world. I’ve been looking for ways to share it with the right people to be able to have the understanding required to grasp dimensional design in 4-5-6-7-9 skipping 8 because this is considered to me as the void. Nothing can exist but yet it does and this is where negative energies lie, and while we are able to process quantum mechanics in a way to which is understandable to the general, what we don’t explain are the fundamental controls that they point a finger to.. but this is something we can discuss elsewhere. Our brains are quantum. But we aren’t what we think we are. Sounds crazy, but once you have your run down the rabbit hole, you really do see why “Wonderland” was created.

  2. uxl · September 22, 2018

    Just discovered you. wish you published a book to refer to! How could we stop the big corps from infringing upon our consciousness with AI through enhancing civic engagement with the social-love connection objective value of qualia as source and direction? Would love your answer.

  3. Kristjan Ingvarsson · July 23, 2015

    Andres, saludos de Islandia. Tu papa me introdujo a Qualia.

    • algekalipso · July 24, 2015

      Hola Kristjan!

      Qué gusto escuchar de ti! Saludos! Estamos en contacto 🙂

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