Psychedelic Perception of Visual Textures 2: Going Meta

Some time has passed since we did the pattern walk. I was happy to see some psychedelic participation on that first wave of textures. Since then I have been gathering more and more textures from all over the place, so many that the ones below are just a tiny fraction of the total. The idea of this second wave is to go meta: Now a few of the Inceptionist pictures recently unveiled by Deep Belief Networks are included, as well as several other cool psychedelic replications. The question is… how does a psychedelic replication look like through an actual psychedelic lens? Let’s find out!

You know what to do: If you were planning on taking a psychedelic (dissociative, or God forbid, delirant) hallucinogen, feel free to browse through these pictures and add comments on the salient features you experience from them. To do so click on the pictures that interest you and leave a comment below. Please provide information about the subtance(s) you took, their dosages and how long ago you took them.

What patterns do you see? What stands out? What amazes you?

Special thanks to Mark Gomer, the family of graduates at the 2015 Stanford Psychology Commencement (where I took pictures of cool dress and shirt patterns), and the very diverse and beautiful carpet store right next to Jawbone in San Francisco. Without them, the second wave would have been less diverse and novelty rich.

Enjoy! 🙂


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  2. Raimonds Jermaks · June 20, 2015

    Here’s another one, I made for you:

  3. Raimonds Jermaks · June 20, 2015

    I can not only tell you how they look, I can show you. I’ve lost everything I had to pursue my dream and make digital psychedelic experience, and now I can only feel devastated. I’m really happy for this, but now I feel like the only thing that has given my life a purpose and kept me alive – gone.
    I’ve posted a lot of my work on , but I will try to depict what I see in these pictures on psychedelics and post it here. I really love your work and advancements, but right now I’ve lost all my faith in myself.
    Here are some examples for you:

    • algekalipso · June 20, 2015

      Hey Raimonds,

      You are awesome! You may be over reacting a tiny bit 🙂 It isn’t about who gets to the party first, or who gets a shout-out and the spotlight when everyone arrives. The real deal are those who stay for the party and make it come to life.

      Your gifs are fantastic! I can guess how you are making them, but I do not have all the pieces of the puzzle. Something tells me you are playing with the wavelet decomposition of the image (and maybe the autocorrelation statistics between them). This is reminiscent of the Portilla & Simoncelli work on texture synthesis (

      We don’t yet have a well integrated research team who is focusing on making a general purpose psychedelic simulator. So there are tons of opportunities for future work and growth in this field. The party is *just* starting, and the most amazing discoveries are yet to come.

      • Raimonds Jermaks · June 21, 2015

        Thank you, I was overreacting and not a tiny bit 😀
        It never was about being first or competition, I’m not very competetive. I will definitely stay in for a party 🙂 I’m really intrigued about research you mentioned, all of these research papers really improve my understanding regarding smaller and more technical aspects of pychedelic experience.
        I’m really glad, you liked my work 🙂

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