1. Infinite choice · July 20, 2015

    and now it looks more like chains interlinking chains like are form by circles, links, like forming a chain mail with many lines and motion but lined up… also interweaving like a chalice knot and sometimes my mind can separate them and sometimes I see purple, and sometimes green, but it is sometimes connected, I also sometimes I can see the pixels, but then go back to this mesh where it … the pixels are rectangular and the overall impression is the combination of all these circles, all these circles aligned in the same direction… and there is this bother shape, like like longer, a s it is forming these ws and ms and you casn pick which of them, like a whole landscape of ridges, all interconnected and yet is all composed of rectangles, when you would think that adding a bunch of rectangles would not produce something at organic and interconnected and yet the relative position of the rectangles creratye a n immersive environment, and the infinite existence of the stuff around you and you can pick up any one of them. even with half a rectangle i had that when looking that with pine eye, the left one

  2. Infinite choice · July 20, 2015

    is this the same one? all my directionality is diagonalized like the left top and right bottom from the central axis, and everything is flowing towards the top, magnetically aligned in that axis, kind of forming this Vs or M v things… theres sometimes implied and sometimes definite and now I’m seeing a lot more of the purple. The purple is coming out. It is like teaming up with the cat shirt (in my room) when my consciousness decided to go purple it used the visual cue from the shirt to analyze the purl in the patterns and

  3. Infinite choice · July 20, 2015

    llast comment was on 11.5 mg 2cb. 2 and a half hours. and math is a bit hard. I mean arithmetic

  4. Infinite choice · July 20, 2015

    very positive, much more comfortable than the red one, much more relaxed. it also has a lot of detail within it. when i relax, it has infinite detailed fractals, all within the constraint space of the square. like the buddha in a box concept. Buddha constrained. it is very organic. all the water and green is like potential for life and all the details and the fractals are that in myriad forms

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