Marijuana-induced “Short-term Memory Tracers”

[On the subjective effects of marijuana]: It’s one thing to describe it verbally and another thing to experience it yourself. I had this dissociated feeling that was really intense. I had memory tracers. So it wasn’t like, you know, people on LSD or stuff will talk about how “your hand is tracing over and over again” and it was almost like that with my memory. My short term memory was repeating over and over again. So it’d be things like getting in a car, and getting in the car over and over again, putting on a seat belt over and over and over again, and it was like short term memory tracers. And it was overall extremely intense. Had an altered perception of space. You know… distance. That’s something I [also] got on mushrooms, which I talked about in a previous video, but it’s like you see something far away and you don’t really know if it’s really far away, or if it is just really small. So if you see a car that’s like 50 feet away, you don’t know if it is 50 feet away or if it is just a matchbox car that’s really close to you. So it kind of had that; it altered the way I saw space. And, to be honest, I freaked the fuck out, because this isn’t what I thought marijuana was supposed to be. I thought it was a sedative. I thought it made you relaxed. I didn’t know it tripped you the fuck out. So, uh, my response was: I thought I was dying. I remember being in the backseat of the car and saying “is this normal?” And the guy in the front seat– he was this Indian dude, his name was Deepak– I swear to God it was like, uh, my Kumar, and he turns back and and was like “Are you tripping, man? Are you feeling it, man?” and that just made me even more fucked up in the head. Because he was saying it in his Indian accent, and I was like “What’s going on? What’s going on?”, and I thought I had to go to the hospital. Uh, let’s fast-forward in the experience, so about one hour later, or 30 minutes later, I don’t really know, it started to turn more in what I expected it to be. Which was this sedative, I started feeling more relaxed, like the trip started subsiding, and I was left with this trip afterglow of relaxation, feeling giggly, feeling really hungry, and you know kind of like the standard marijuana high. And this happened every time I smoked marijuana in the beginning. I was uncomfortable for the first 30 minutes to an hour. I learned to kind of enjoy it, but for the most part I was waiting it out. And then I’d get relaxed and chill. And I wouldn’t really call it paranoia, it was really just tripping so hard I was kind of like “wow, like, I’m really fucking tripping, I hope I don’t act weird in front of a bunch of people” Maybe that is paranoia, I don’t know.


[…10 more minutes talking about marijuana…]


And I don’t know why the fuck marijuana is still illegal in 2017. I feel like I a fucking pilgrim. Like, seriously? A war veteran can go and almost die for his country. He could come back, and drink alcohol, buy an assault riffle, and get prescribed speed, but smoke a joint? Nah, you are a fucking criminal! I mean, that doesn’t make any fucking sense. I’ve been doing this push, that I said that if by January 2018 Marijuana wasn’t legal I’d shave my hair. I’m not gonna shave my head. I am gonna cut all of my hair off, and I’m really sad about that. Usually when I cut my hair off I send it to Korea at a random address because I just like to say “my hair is in Korea”. And I’m sure whoever opens it is like “why the fuck am I getting this?” But this time I’m gonna throw it up into eBay just because I want to see if anybody bids on it. I’m gonna do it 99 cents free shipping. But yeah, getting my hair cut is simply really weird: when I get to the stylist and say “can you put this on a bag? I’m gonna sell this.” Uh, but yeah, that really is it for Marijuana as far as my overall experience with the substance.

– What’s smoking marijuana like? The positive and negative effects of smoking cannabis and dabs by Youtube addiction recovery coach Cg Kid


  1. Sinity · April 23, 2022

    Weirdly enough, that’s pretty much exactly what the effect of N2O + (1cP-)LSD (300ug) was for me, at least once. I didn’t try to replicate it yet – I mean, I haven’t done N2O on high dose LSD since.

    I described it here:


    I’m not sure what [N2O] does to the visuals, if anything at all. Which is weird. I can’t tell if sth powerful happened, or if nothing. I have an impression space (or (some?) visual objects?) somehow rapidly warps / wraps around… except I can’t remember it happening, and how would it even look like, exactly. Some sort of memory failure.

    On another (earlier) trip, –200– 300ug [200 was an error] LSD, it was much crazier through (or memory worked better): time loops, or maybe whole-experience-tracers(?).

    I remember very vividly (actually, I think it might be abnormally vivid memory) that after few hits, while I was walking
    I kinda focused on a recent past timeslice. And the moment started looping. I was continuously walking while not really moving forward (and it was somehow smooth, like a seamless gif). I was walking through snow; it was quiet so I heard it matching perfectly to the steps, also physics looked good.

    It was so weird/fascinating, I think I spent a minute or so in that (2-3s?) loop before realizing I have no idea whether, “in reality”, I’m just standing still, or moving forward, or whether I’ve maybe tripped.

    It was voluntary, I was able to look away from it, and I did. Turned out I basically smoothly / seamlessly continued walking.

    I think all these loops must’ve simply not taken any real time; impression that they happened was basically inserted into my short term memory.

    If so, I’m confused when did my train of thought, present seemingly during these iterations, execute.

    That was with no N2O in my lungs, only shortly after. When I was inhaling, it was weird in a different way.
    When I wanted to exhale, I did exhale… then did it again, and again…

    Kinda panic’d because my lungs kept being full, but I realized fast that I’m looping, and somehow perceiving present at the same time.

    New instances of loop with shorter and shorter timespan appeared. They contained… it’s like consciousness somehow forked. Or at least thought stream.

    These instances were closer and closer, timespans approaching 0. Then… everything got merged, powerfully. IDK how to even describe it, experiencing representation of infinity? [now that I think about it, definitely not. it was intense, but not _that_ intense]

    But, again; nothing remotely like that replicated now. Or it just wasn’t possible to remember. Since it really seems to be mostly about memory corruption, maybe it’s not very consistent.

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  5. Zeno The Stoic · June 2, 2018

    I am not at all sure about marijuana or any drug for that matter. I have read much of your website and am an admirer of your project. I can see the importance of investigating drug related experiences as part of the exploration of consciousness. I can totally relate to David Pearce and the abolitionist project. Magnificent stuff. If I could permanently change my nature towards the sunny side of the street I would. But for me at least, the experimentation with druugs of any sort would inevitably lead, as with alcohol, to a cul de sac which would be difficult to return from.

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