Solutions to World Problems

What is more likely to induce/achieve/promote sustainable world peace?

1) Homogeneous world ideology
2) Widespread social reform (full justice, rights and healthcare)
3) Universally accessible on-demand mystical experiences
4) Globally available inexpensive hedonic tone recalibration


To elaborate: (1) would mean that the world is now ideologically homogeneous. Free-market economy, communism, Judaism, Jainism, Shingoism… any one ideology. Pick one. Would it solve all of our problems, and war?

(2) Implies some sort of socialist-like equal-rights that actually works in a universal way. Be generous with how well this would work theoretically.

(3) Say that we fine-tune and perfect the psychedelic peak experience. We build religions, spiritualities, philosphies, etc. around the one true univerally accessible state-space of possible experiences of the (phenomenologically) divine.

(4) We invent a series of healthy, sustainable effective and inexpensive therapies that allow people to reach any hedonic tone they like. Be it like MDMA, a back rub, falling in love, receiving grace, meditation or plain kindness. Any hedonic quality is freely reachable – and mental super-health is a universal state.


Where would you rather live? Which one would solve our problems?


  1. Lloyd Xie · January 12, 2022

    1 and 3 and 4 all combined! Excuse my cheating, but I do strongly believe those simultaneously would be more than sufficient to promote world peace.

    But for 1, replace ideology with a shared reverence of the same ethos or symbol.

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  4. Brian Westerman · November 18, 2015

    I think a combination of 3 and 4 would end up being the most effective. I think the first two would likely encounter more trouble in the roadmap to success and would be less feasible to accomplish given the current state of the world. The next question is, what steps can we take to get there?

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