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Breathing qualia in your qualiafield

Would you believe it? QualiaTATIVELY superior!

Use the computational comparative advantage of phenomenal binding to obtain polynomial running times rather than exponential. Maximize your potential by using qualia computing algorithms. Polynomial experience, super low super effective running time guaranteed. Save money and space. Low prices! Save money, time and effort with polynomial time experience of your algorithms. Adaptable to 30% of all computational needs known.

Qualia is superior to serial computing in the search of unconceived ideas. Serial computing can be optimized to be better than qualia systems for pre-established models. But for model conception in a larger space, qualia is the only viable candidate.

DON’T MISS OUT THE QUALIA TRAIN the qualia train will depart and the discoveries will be made. It is about to blow up, as an industry, be the first in your social circle to use qualia computing services.


  1. PS · May 7

    This needs a chemical computer (BZ Reaction) for converting NP to P problems by using qualia computing algorithms

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