A simple mystical explanation

Humans live near true hells but only wander to their edges. We may feel awful and sick sometimes but we rarely experience the sustained suffering that many other animals do.

I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that if we have a mystical mission in this planet is to save the animals. We are the only beings capable of thought in this planet, and the ability to imagine better futures and experiences that are actually realizable.

So imagine the following scenario: Higher beings are too perfect to be capable of entering this domain of existence. They are also too diffuse and lack the material density that we have. How would they rescue the beings stuck in the horrors of Darwinian life? Perhaps by communicating and shaping, gradually (as fast as possible!), the minds of human beings.

The invasion of the divine starts with making humans attracted to particular forms of being that are selected for their long term benefits to consciousness. Thus some people acquire preferences aligned to what they consider beautiful and that beauty always refers to configurations of qualia that incite good attributes (in the causal sense of generally producing better results).

Particularly well developed moral beings recognize the pain and suffering in other species as well. This only requires self honesty and intellectual curiosity. But then what? Ability to generalize and solve inconsistencies. All of those attributes are equally liked by the Gods.

They lead, to an unconditional compassion towards all suffering beings (boring!) and the systematic (however strange) application of rationality principles to how to go about enacting those values! I.e. The Abolitionist Project no less.

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